Best Goals Of The Week By TV Golo

1: Diego (Wolfsburg)
2: Marchisio (Juventus)
3: Baiano (Paços de Ferreira)
4: Mkhitaryan (Shakhtar Donetsk)
5: Di Maria (Real Madrid)
6: Ciro Capuano (Catania)
7: Nevuche (FC Zakarpattia)
8: Jari Litmanen (FC Lahti)
9: Pryima (Metalurg Donetsk)
10: Berbatov (Manchester United)

Amazing goals like always!

S11's pick is Pryima from Metalurg Donetsk.


Let me change my mind. Ciro Capuano's from Catania was such a feckin' goal!!

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